Ufton Court

Trips to Ufton Court continue to be the highlight of the year for many children. In the year to August 2017, just over 2,200 children experienced repeat visits to Ufton Adventure from Whitley schools. The partnership with Aspire2 has been developed over the past 10 years with Aspire2 providing funds for transport and a trips worker.

Ufton Court has identified several areas of unique and special strengths that are on offer from the facilities and resources they are able to provide:

  1. Repeat visits – children are immersed in the Ufton Adventure experience and become familiar, confident and able to learn in our environment. The programmes develop as the children grow, helping them to make sense of themselves at each stage of their growth.
  2. Expertly designed programmes– they use multiple theoretical and practical sources for what they do including child psychology, teaching, child mental health and combining this with an intimate knowledge of the school curriculum.
  3. Expert Teaching Staff- Ufton Adventure is led by a qualified Teacher who trains and develops a team of qualified Outdoor Leaders
  4. School Partnerships – they work with the same schools repeatedly and have developed deep collaborations at all levels. They run Twilight teacher training sessions and develop programmes in partner schools with their staff.
  5. Entangled Narrative – their staff are Trustees and Governors in some of our partner schools, a partner school Head is a Trustee of Ufton Court. We have numerous examples of partnership between us.
  6. The woodland Environment – most of the children are not familiar with woodland and the natural world and the combination of challenge with peace and quiet helps them deliver the programmes in a new and stimulating atmosphere for students. They have a clear aim to encourage children to be outside more when they are not at Ufton.

To learn more about Ufton Court, feel free to visit their website here