Aspire2 Trips Programme

Aspire2 provides aid and funding for several summer trips throughout the year for both the community and school children and Whitley. Aspire2 works with Ufton Court and other holiday providers to ensure families who cannot afford a summer family holiday get the opportunity to enjoy spending time away with those they most care about. Please read below for more details of these trips and to receive regular updates on trips and more, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Family Day Trips 2015-2016:

Aspire2 & WEC are pleased to be able to offer more day trips in 2015-2016 for South Reading families. The days will be taking place during the Easter, summer, October and Christmas holidays. Look out for the flyers and calendar of events to be circulated in schools. For more information please contact Sarah King. In exceptional circumstances, funding may be available through Aspire2 to fund trips. 

Day Trips Summer 2015:

Aspire2 organised 4 day trips this summer. A trip to Coral Reef (30), Marwell Zoo (102), Legoland (195) and Weymouth (141).  All trips went well and all the families enjoyed the day trips. A few families did more than one trip which was good to see. Good feedback was received from the families and suggestions on where they would like to go next summer also. Some of the families explained that they would not have been able to go on such trips if they had to organise the transport to get to the venues. Families told us that the trips were great value for money and also asked if there were any planned in October.

Forest Skills Programme 2014-2015:

From 17-19th November we took a group of year 5 and 6 pupils from across WEC schools to participate in a pilot Forest Skills programme at Ufton Court. 15 pupils attended from Geoffrey Field Junior, Whitley Park, Christ the King and the Palmer Academy. Pupils stayed in the new cabins and took part in many exciting activities - which included shelter building, fire making, cooking on an open fire and crayfish catching! The children also fed the animals who are now resident at Ufton!  The final evening included pizza making and marshmallow toasting around the campfire.  Everyone had a great time, and new friendships were formed. The group will go back in January and March to really build on their skills and for teachers to measure the impact of Forest Skills back in the classroom.